July 7, 2022

Hungary – HOPI ‘The Way to the Infusion Chair’

Since this year we no longer wanted to be without meeting each other in person, our doctors and the managers of our organisation decided to postpone our WPIW event until a more secure date.

We had previously decided to help the work of the Immunology Dept. and the Children Immunology Dept. of Debrecen University Clinical Centre with a larger donation, so this occasion was the perfect time to accomplish it.

HOPI’s WPIW Grant Programme 2022 was a doctor-patient meeting where we could listen to the presentations of our doctors, nurses, and fellow patients as well. It was held at the University on Friday afternoon 17 June, with many patients, doctors, nurses, and other representatives of pharmaceutical companies participating in the meeting.

At the end of the lectures, we screened a short film “Life Rolls Smoother with the Right Treatment”. This film demonstrates that, with the help of immunoglobulin therapy PID patients are able to live a full life.

Then came the official handover of the donations. Each department treating PID patients was able to purchase the equipment they needed at a value of 1200€. This way the Immunology Dept. of Internal Medicine Debrecen University Clinical Center was gifted with 5 infusion chairs and the Children Rheumatology and Immunology Dept. Debrecen University Clinical Center was given a television, a refrigerator and some infusion stands for the immunoglobulin therapy room.

Until now, the activity of our organisation was mainly linked to the patients of Debrecen University Clinical Center. An old dream of ours would come true if we succeeded to build a closer connection with other Immunology Departments in Hungary. So, for the rest of the year, a bigger task awaits us – “dare to grow larger”. As long as the COVID pandemic situation does not get worse, during autumn we would like to organise a meeting with the participation of the doctors treating PID patients all over Hungary. This way HOPI would like to grow a real association with nationwide coverage.