June 28, 2021

Hungary – Plasma supply awareness on WPIW 2021

This year our organisation organised three different programmes for WPIW 2021.
The first event was a webinar targeted at medical professionals, held on April 23 under the topic “The Impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic on Immunoglobulin Supplementation”. It drew the attention of stakeholders and authorities to the upcoming difficulties in the supply of immunoglobulins. As plasma donation worldwide has decreased significantly due to the pandemic, the price of plasma-derived medicine kept rising. Hungary has been acquiring SCIg products at the lowest price in the EU so governmental awareness was needed to prevent potential issues of treatment supply. 

HOPI joined forces with another Hungarian patient organisation (PIBE- Organisation of Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency) and with the Hungarian Society of Clinical Immunology (MAKIT) to organise a webinar on this issue. We were honoured to have IPOPI’s Executive Director Johan Prevot with us.
Webinar program:

  • Chair Introduction – Prof Dr Novák Zoltán (MAKIT)
  • Therapeutic and Patient Needs in the Treatment of PID – Dr Kriván Gergely (South Pest Central Hospital – National Institute of Hematology and Infectious Diseases
  • Present and Future of Immunoglobulin Supply in Hungary – HUN Health Authorities (NEAK)
  • International Perspective on Supply of Immunoglobulins – Johan Prevot, IPOPI
  • PAG’s  –   HOPI and PIBE

With the help from IPOPI we managed to achieve a better negotiating position. As a result of the web conference, PID patients in Hungary were promised a safe supply of the current range of plasma therapies for another two years.

This event was sponsored by CSL Behring Hungary.

WPIW 2021

For WPIW 2021 we organised the ‘We are Protected Together’ online lectures streamed on our Facebook page and the drawing competition ‘Adventures of the Little Syringe’ 

The lectures had 5 doctors as guest speakers followed by interactive Q&As which can still be watched on Facebook: 

  • Opening lecture – Mónika Tóthné Apáti Nagy (President of HOPI)
  • Special Standpoints of Vaccinations in Primary Immunodeficient Patients – Dr Tünde Tarr (Immunology dept. Debrecen University Clinical Center)
  • Coronavirus Vaccination in Primary Immunodeficiency: Beliefs and Misbeliefs – Dr Éva Rákóczi (Rheumatology dept. of Debrecen University Clinical Center)
  • The Importance of Vaccination in Childhood During the Coronavirus Pandemic – Dr Tímea Spicze (Pediatric Office, Balmazújváros)
  • Vaccination During a Pandemic, from the Thought to Immunity – Dr Éva Varga (Vice President of HOPI, GP’s office Balmazújváros)
  • Alterations of Plasma Donations in Hungary Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic – Dr Eszter Ládi (Plasma Centre, Békéscsaba)

The ‘Adventures of the Little Syringe’ drawing contest was organised to raise more awareness to the importance of vaccination. It was open to all ages  and had entries from both  children and adults.