September 26, 2019

Hungary – HOPI’s recent and upcoming activities

Last April we held our largest event of the year, a family day, in a leisure park near Debrecen, welcoming more than 50 members of HOPI that took part in this event. We spent a very cheerful day sharing experiences and having a lot of fun  at the different facilities of the park.

Next in the pipeline is a patient–doctor meeting that will take place  at the Pediatric Clinics of the Debrecen University. The theme of the meeting will be ‘The struggles of treating PID patients nowadays and opportunities for development’. This  will be a good opportunity for PID patients to contact with their immunologist and meet each other. We will highlight IPIC2019 and mention its high value to doctors involved with PID management.

Next year HOPI will be celebrating its 10th birthday. On this occasion we will be organising a great event during the World Immunology Week – a charity run in Debrecen which should mobilise many people in the city and raise public awareness on the importance of plasma donation. We are asking the city hall for support and hope that a large-scale public sport event will help us raise a lot of awareness.

HOPI is the Hungarian Organisation for Patients with Immunodeficiency. The main aim of our organisation is to raise awareness of primary immunodeficiency among the general society. Without treatment some PIDs might be life threatening, but with a little help from the society PID patients are able to live a full life. That’s why we have chosen Discover HOPI – Get Acquainted with PID’ as our main statement.

Family day

IPOPI leaflets in Hungarian

IPOPI leaflets in Hungarian