HFE’s paper ‘Profiling the European Health Workforce of Tomorrow’

December 17, 2019

Health First Europe (HFE), of which IPOPI is a member, has since February 2019 been working on a paper called ‘Profiling the European Health Workforce of Tomorrow’ which calls upon health care systems and policymakers to revamp and support high levels of education and training and to invest in continuous professional development programmes.

  The paper reflects the views of Health First Europe members, from healthcare managers and key students associations to launch an inclusive debate to shape the profile of the health worker of the future.
Health care systems across Europe are facing major challenges, both internal and external, from ageing societies to the advent of new technologies, increasing social inequities and challenging financial sustainability.

The result of this exercise is a working paper that covers:

  1. The current challenges faced by EU member states’ health systems
  2. The core competences required for the health care workforce of the future
  3. The policy recommendations addressed to the European policymakers

Reforming and investing in the health workers’ education and core competences is critical to deliver a high quality of care and sustainability of European health care systems. Only by working together, European policymakers and EU countries can develop a common profile for the health care worker of the future, equipped with the necessary skills to transform health care for better patient and workforce outcomes.