Parents and patients attending the meeting

March 23, 2016

Morocco – Hajar in the 1st ARAPID Congress

HAJAR association organised, in collaboration with the Arab Society for Primary Immunodeficiency (ARAPID, and the Moroccan Society for Primary Immunodeficiencies (MSPID), the 1st ARAPID Congress and 8th National Congress for PID in Casablanca, 3-5 December 2015.

HAJAR association organised two workshops, one for patients and families and another one for nurses.

The Patients and Families workshop was chaired by Mrs Maria Anebane, Vice-President of Hajar, M. Sebti, Executive Director and M. Berrada, coach. Hajar welcomed Mrs Hmidi and Ms Mnif from Tunisia, as well as Mrs Ait Benaamer from Algeria. The workshop allowed experience exchanges between Arabic countries, discussion about issues and difficulties encountered by patients and their families in the Arab world, as well as proposing solutions.
Prof Mehdi Adeli, from Qatar, presented a lecture on awareness tools and therapeutic education dedicated to patients and their families.

The Nurses workshop comprised theorical and practical sessions on Immunoglobulin replacement therapy, attended by more than 30 Moroccan and Arab nurses. Mrs Khattane (Casablanca) and Mrs Zermani (Tunisia) chaired the workshop that covered subcutaneous and intravenous administration methods.
Mrs Saayed (Saudi Arabia) and Mrs Mouloud (Mauritania) also joined this workshop and exchanged their experience and expertise in Immunoglobulin therapy.