March 25, 2021

Germany – Forum “blood products – current challenges”

On February 22nd a virtual event took place in Germany addressing the current challenges in the supply of plasma derived medicinal products.
Stakeholders from several sectors, such as politicians, lawmakers, health insurances companies and plasma industry joined patient organisations to present their point of view.

dsai’s general manager Andrea Maier-Neuner, representing the patient perspective, gave an overview of the group awareness activities, spoke about patient compliance to treatment and about the supply situation of plasma medicinal products in Germany.
She pointed out the imminent undersupply of immunoglobulin and made clear that patients on these products don’t have any alternative treatment, adding that biosimilars would never be a possibility due to immunoglobulin’s unique qualities.
Andrea also addressed specific requirements policy makers need to access to ensure sufficient plasma supply for the time being and for the future.

The event was one of several plasma awareness events dsai joined in the last months and tied in with a parliamentary hearing in Düsseldorf on the same topic, where dsai’s chairman Steffen Ball and regional group leader Silke Unbehauen represented the patient perspective.