June 2019

Germany – 14 CME events in 2018

Continuing Medical Education (CME) events are an essential part of IPOPI’s German NMO DSAI’s awareness strategy. During CME events medical practitioners from different fields get the opportunity to receive training from PID specialists in areas such as PID warning signs, symptoms, diagnostic steps and autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

In 2018 there were 14 CME events taking place all over Germany (Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig, etc). The events had an overall number of more than 800 participating doctors coming from various medical fields such as pediatrics, internal and general medicine, ENT medicine, dermatology and gynecology. Many of the doctors had not yet been treating PID patients but will now – based on their new knowledge – begin PID diagnostics for at least one of their existing patients who have so far been seen as a “mystery”.

Germany 1: Comparison of participants of CME events in different cities