March 23, 2017

France – IRIS survey on PID and replacement therapy

IRIS recently published the results of a survey on primary immunodeficiency (PID) and immunoglobulin (IG) replacement therapy. They found that French patients are overall satisfied with their treatment, whether it is received in the hospital or at home, intravenously or subcutaneously, but also that not all physicians suggest both options to their patients.

Some patients have however been able to change where they receive treatment and the route of administration according to their medical or personal needs.
The distribution of IG medication to patients who do their infusions at home is not harmonized. Some patients get their medication in the hospital while others get it delivered at home.

The survey was conducted from December 1, 2015, to March 21, 2016. It got 513 respondents and the full report is available (in French) on IRIS website

CVID (55%), Deficits in IgG subclasses (19%),
52% women, 24% under 18, 25% 60 years and over.

39% of respondents encountered or are encountering a tolerance problem

Changing from hospital to home
For treatment at home, physicians offer IG to the PID patients via:
– subcutaneous (64%),
– intravenous Ig (17%),
– subcutaneous or intravenous (19%).

69% of patients treated at home get their IG from the hospital pharmacy, 30% get it delivered at home.