June 17, 2024

Raising Awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency in Uganda

Primary Immunodeficiency is a condition, or disease, whereby one’s Immune system is not functioning properly. The ability to fight off infections is minimal or not at all existent. Its symptoms are recurrent ear infections, upper respiratory infections, etc. It affects both young and old, and it varies in type (over 430 PIDs, at present) and severity, from mild to severe. In Uganda, little is known about this condition.

April has been a month of awareness of PIDS in Uganda. We managed to put up a series of activities, but, this year, our main target was the media since it’s a powerful tool to spread information. We conducted talk shows with our doctors and shared testimonial stories explaining the disorders on major Television and Radio stations.

We met health minister representatives from our interactions who promised good feedback once they delivered the conditions to their bosses. We are proud to say that, through the health minister’s reporter who covered all our activities, we are very positive that our plea will be looked into immediately and considered regarding the health minister’s policy.

The photos below show a doctor interviewed about PIDD at the NBS TV studio.