June 29, 2016

Cyprus – patients finally given a health policy role

On 18th of March of 2016 a legislative proposal making patient involvement in policy-making mandatory was approved by the House health committee and voted by the plenum on the 7th of April. Speaking after the committee session, Health Minister Giorgos Pamporidis welcomed a “historic day for the patient movement in Cyprus”, because what is considered a given in the rest of Europe has only now been adopted.

“The mature state achieved by the patients” movement, largely the result of efforts by the Federation of Patients and Friends, has allowed the state to respond and see them as partners, instead of adversaries,” the Ministry of Health said.

The proposal’s sponsor deputy Stella Kyriakidou, echoed Pamporidis “historic day” view, with regard to the rights of patient in Cyprus, an effort that started more than six years ago.
At a time when reform in the health sector is truly necessary, we give a voice to organized patient groups, and their federation, allowing them to join the debate.  Unfortunately, over the last few years, consultations on health matters have been held only with healthcare professionals, without involving patients in decision-making”.

Chairman of the Federation of Patients and Friends Marios Kouiloumas said approval of the proposal marked a “historic milestone”, pointing out that it has been a demand or organized patients groups for years.