December 18, 2018

Colombia – Main achievements of FIP

The Foundation Diana García de Olarte for Primary Immunodeficiencies (FIP), IPOPI’s member in Colombia has had a very full year!

In 2018, FIP got support grants from IPOPI and from the Jeffrey Modell Foundation and funds from the pharmaceutical industry to support patient friendly activities but also diagnosis and treatment for patients. FIP was also able to help physicians with an interest in PIDs to participate in medical conferences on Immunology and primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs).

FIP and its members benefited from several organised family activities such as the Balloons’ day on April 27 and the Family day on July 29.
They made it to the TV as well by partnering with TELEANTIOQUIA Channel and providing 4 patient testimonials.

Physicians collaborating with FIP had the opportunity to learn more about PIDs at the IDPnet Meeting, on the VIII PID Symposium and I Flow Cytometry School for the diagnostic of PIDs, all in last April, and also at the LASID Summer School in August.

As part of its core activities, the Colombian NMO FIP has been able to support individual patients with the costs of medication and laboratory tests. In 2017, they covered 136 immunology related medical consultations and 39 laboratory tests and they hope to be able to continue offering this support.

FIP is also happy to announce that they have had a successful application for Eurordis membership and are now an associate member.

Balloons’ day on April 27

I Flow Cytometry School for the diagnostic of PIDs