October 4, 2021

China – PID Care China received a donation of Nasal Cleaner Products 

Many PID patients in China are suffering from Allergic Rhinitis or Sinus infections. These symptoms can easily affect the qu

ality of life of patients or growth development of juvenile patients. To help PID patients improve on these symptoms, Feiyang Health, a Chinese high-tech enterprise specialising in medical products. Generously donated one of their key products; Feiyang Nasal Cleaner (worth RMB100,000, around 13,000Euro) to ourPID patients.

The 50 sets of Nasal Cleaner Products have been delivered to our patients who recently had Allergic Rhinitis or Sinus infections. We received their highly positive comments stating that after using the products their symptoms: blocked nose, difficulty during sleep or runny nose were relieved.

We are very happy to help our patients in different ways, and of course, we are very proud and privileged to partner with such caring enterprises to raise the awareness of PID in China.