July 7, 2022

Canada – CIPO congress and beyond

CIPO is hosting a virtual conference 10-11 September 2022 with a focus on COVID-19 and patient experience. Agenda and registration can be viewed here.

APIQ (the Quebec chapter of CIPO) was glad to host two outdoor picnics in July. One in the Montreal region and one on Ile d’Orléan in the Quebec region. Both locations were among orchards where we could walk, play, lunch and chat together.

We also took those two dates as opportunities to renew with our tradition for the children. Our new young members have the chance to adopt an APIQ teddy bear, which comes with a little adoption ritual and all the accessories to perform the same (pretend) treatment on the teddy bear as they do to themselves.

On September 17 we are hosting our annual educational day, in person! This year we are meeting at Hotel Plaza in Quebec. Many activities will take place, a couple of speakers will be there and Olivier Bernard will present his conference entitled; La santé, du vrai, du moins vrai…et du n’importe quoi!

Everyone is welcome. Registration required. For more information or to register: https://cipo-apiq.ca/evenements/

In My Magical Bubble – a contribution to the PID Community from a CIPO member and volunteer, Paola Andrea Fernandez de Soto Abdul Rahim.

Do you know what a Bubble Boy is? Most people don’t!

Come join Jakob and his loyal buddy Buvo as they stretch their imaginations on Dirty Friday. Follow them on their adventures where monkeys sing fruit songs, and the ocean holds surprises.

Beautifully illustrated, In My Magical Bubble is a meaningful gift that shares the story of a Bubble Boy, his condition and his will to keep fighting for his life.

Love, courage and dreams are the foundation; where people of all ages will learn more about ‘The Bubble Boy condition’, and there just might be a cleanliness reminder or two thrown in!

With your support by sharing or buying this book we will create awareness about primary immunodeficiency conditions, stimulate conversation about kids with differences, rare conditions and honour children with their medical struggles.