June 2019

World PI Week 2019 – bringing about change for PID patients worldwide

Another great World Primary Immunodeficiency Week (WPIW) has come to an end and IPOPI is impressed by the dedication demonstrated by participants all over the world. Guided by the theme “Putting primary immu­nodeficiency patients at the center of their care“, this year’s campaign aimed at improving the recognition, diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for people with primary immunodeficiency world-wide.

WPIW is a global campaign celebrated each year between 22-29 of April. This year it mobilized national PID organisations, patients, families, physicians, experts and other stakeholders in at least 48 countries, launching social media campaigns, family days, patient-specialist meetings, educational conferences, public lectures, TV and radio interviews and much more.

IPOPI works hard for WPIW to be celebrated in as many countries as possible. This year we had the pleasure of supporting 31 of our national member organisations in their WPIW campaigns. With this year’s campaign, IPOPI has supported more than 150 national awareness campaigns in all continents.

To facilitate participation WPIW Steering Committee, where IPOPI is one of the founding members, provided a range of different materials aimed at helping participants reach out to both the public and the media, as well as to politicians and the medical community. Some of the available tools included a campaign package for social media with banners and logos, engagement toolkits, press releases, an infographic and much more. Beyond this, participants could also take part in a photo contest and a fun quiz which engaged many people.

If you want to know more about the various activities that took place during this year’s campaign visit the website!

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IPOPI wishes to thank Grifols and Takeda for their support towards the IPOPI WPIW programme, which was pivotal in enabling IPOPI to support so many national campaigns as outlined in our IPOPI WorldPIWeek report.