December 19, 2022

The V International Primary Immunodeficiency Meeting in Bolivia

In September, the FIDEP Organisation held the V International Primary Immunodeficiency Meeting in Cochabamba, Bolivia. The meeting was co-organised with the University del Valle, with the support of IPOPI. IPOPI was represented by Mrs Roberta Anido de Pena, who has supported FIDEP since the beginning, as well as Dr Teresa Español.

More than 350 participants attended these two days of learning. The guests were renowned international immunologists such as Dr Teresa Español from Spain and Dr Diana Herrera from Mexico. In addition, medical advisors from FIDEP, Dr Nelva Guillén and Bolivian doctors from the different specialities covered by the PID were also attending.

An information, psychological and medical support workshop for patients and relatives with PID was also held.

In this meeting, we had the opportunity to announce that, after six years of a lot of pressure on the authorities, we have an instruction issued by the Ministry of Health where it indicates and requires the entire public health system to supply immunoglobulins for our patients.

We will continue working to continue training and updating our doctors and thus achieve all the objectives and goals for our patients.