June 2019

Bolivia – The 4th PID meeting

With the support of IPOPI the Bolivian FIDEP Foundation, led by President Vivian Kohlberg, organised the 4th PID meeting in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The invited international experts Dra Teresa Español, Dr Matías Oleastro and Dra Nora Segura participated in the programme to educate Bolivian doctors regarding diagnosis and treatment of primary immunodeficiencies.

The Ministry of Health has still not set up free diagnostic centers or treatment for all patients with PID, something which FIDEP is actively advocating for. Currently diagnosis and treatment are the most critical problems for patients in Bolivia and together with their medical advisers Dra Natalia Nuñez Del Prado and Dra Nelva Guillén FIDEP is working very hard to improve the situation for these patients.

Bolivia 1: Participants of PID meeting

Bolivia 2: Participants of PID meeting

Bolivia 3: Participants of PID meeting