October 13, 2017

Boliva – 2nd International Meeting on PIDs

FIDEP, the Bolivian primary immunodeficiency (PID) patients’ association, held the 2nd International Meeting on Primary Immunodeficiencies in the city of La Paz September 7 – 8. The meeting was organised with the support of IPOPI and had 140 participants, including medical specialists, resident doctors, medicine students as well as PID patients and their relatives.

For this second event FIDEP invited several internationally recognised doctors as well as local specialists. Dr Teresa Español, Pediatric Immunologist from Barcelona, Spain, and Dr Nora Hilda Segura, Immuno-allergologist from Mexico City together with Dr Nelva Guillen Immuno-allergologist, Dr Natalia Nuñez Del Prado Immunologist, Dr María Elena Calderón, Infectious diseases, Dr Rolando Quispaya Ophthalmologist-Immunologist and Dr Carlos Guachalla Immunologist, all from Bolivia, contributed to a great programme.
The meeting was well received by the participants and surpassed the expectations of the organisers, sponsors and exhibitors. FIDEP is committed to continue to contribute to the education of Bolivian doctors about PIDs.

Following the International Meeting, FIDEP, together with its advisers and colleagues, including the IPOPI representative Roberta Pena and the immunologists working with the patient group, held a first official meeting with the Ministry of Health to discuss the needs of Bolivian PID patients. FIDEP raised several key points, such as access to early diagnosis and access to free treatments.
A joint project has now started to ensure PID patients’ goals are met. We look forward to sharing more good news with the extended PID community!