July 7 , 2022

IPOPI launches new community award to celebrate NMO projects

The IPOPI NMO community is continuously developing and launching innovative projects and activities to improve PID patients’ lives. To celebrate these projects, IPOPI is launching the BIG Award, a new IPOPI community award aimed at valuing best practices. The BIG Award will bring attention to Bold, Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) NMO projects and create an opportunity to exchange best practices between countries.

This is a new opportunity for NMOs to nominate projects and later help select three finalists. At this stage, all NMOs are invited to submit a project that has impacted patients with PID in their country during the past two years. It is also warmly welcomed to nominate an inspiring project from a different NMO.

The nominated projects will be evaluated based on award criteria, and a shortlist of projects will be sent back to the NMOs for voting later this year. Once chosen, the three finalists will be presented at the PID Champion Awards Dinner on October 13, during the Global Patients Meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We encourage NMOs to take the chance to spotlight inspiring projects and contribute to the development and growth of the IPOPI community!

New extended deadline: July 19 (previous deadline July 8).

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