June 28, 2021

Belarus – NMO “Save immunity” was very busy during WPIW

‘Save Immunity’ was very busy during WPIW 2021!

We developed a new video “Myths about primary immunodeficiency” with the support from IPOPI, published new brochures and papers, and also took part in two international primary immunodeficiencies meetings!

We are glad to present our new children’s brochure “Mishutkina’s story, the story of how Tosha found immunity”. This is a brochure for parents and children who recently received the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency. This will help children understand what is slightly different about them.

In addition, we created a brochure for the members of the organisation, updated our general brochure, and produced some merchandising.

On April 26-27 we took part in the II All-Russian Congress of Patients with Immune Disorders. In the session “Best Patient practices”, Iya Dirko, Deputy Chairman of “Save Immunity” was one of the invited speakers. A couple of days later, on April 29-30, we took part in a School-Seminar on Clinical Immunology”, which included a round table “PID in the Republic of Belarus: Problems and Solutions’.
On the medical side, an article was published on the portal “Healthy People” – 5 Questions about PID – How to Diagnose and Treat Primary Immunodeficiency’DEFICIENCY