October 4, 2021

Australia – IDFA Launches Young Adult Members Engagement Campaign

From this September, the Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia (IDFA) will be launching a campaign designed to engage their young adult members aged 15-30 years. The campaign is designed to ensure that younger members living with immunodeficiency don’t feel so alone or isolated and are able to connect with other members and feel supported by the resources, community and services IDFA is able to offer them.

Younger IDFA members will be taking to social media and sharing “a day in the life’’ video content which shows the realities of living with immunodeficiency as they go about their day while still living very busy and full lives. You will be able to view the campaign on IDFA’s Facebook and Instagram pages from the end of September.

IDFA has also launched a private Facebook group for their younger members as a place they can go to where they can connect, chat in smaller groups and also be informed of upcoming events and activities hosted by IDFA. One such event is an upcoming ‘Pop Culture Trivia Night’ where IDFA young adult members will be asked to wear their very best party shirt or funny hat attire and participate in a fun trivia session on Zoom to win prizes, all while connecting with other members in a relaxed and informal environment. IDFA will also be utilising this session to gain more in depth insight into the issues and topics that are most relevant to their young adult members which will assist in the development of richer educational resources and a longer term engagement strategy.