December 17, 2021

Australia – IDFA Launches Young Adult Members Engagement Campaign

IDFA has launched a successful member engagement campaign with the aim to connect with their young adult members aged 15-30 years. The campaign was designed to ensure that younger members living with an immunodeficiency don’t feel so alone or isolated. The campaign included four of their younger members taking to social media in an authentic and candid way and sharing what ‘’a day in their life’’ looks like. The campaign captured a diverse mix of personal stories including a nurse, paralegal and two high school students and reached over 10,000 people on social media. Watch members Raine, Luke, Zoe and Angus’s stories.

In addition to this, IDFA also hosted its first virtual Pop Culture Trivia Night for younger members in October. On the night, members shared a bit about themselves and their immunodeficiency and provided a range of insights to IDFA around the types of topics and information that is relevant and of interest to them. The event was a hit with attendees from all around Australia having the opportunity to connect.

From this event, IDFA will be setting up a weekly ‘Group Chat’ on Zoom for 15-18 year old and 19-30 year old members to connect, chat, make friends within the IDFA community and share their experiences each week.  All of these activities have kick-started a longer-term engagement strategy for IDFA and their young adult members. Moving forward, IDFA is looking to develop several resources and host its larger scale young adult member conference in 2022.