June 17, 2024

Advancing PID Care in Asia: IPOPI Regional Meeting

We were thrilled to host the IPOPI Regional Asian PID Patients and Doctors Meeting on 23-35 March 2024, welcoming 50 participants from 13 countries across Asia.

Over two days, we engaged in insightful discussions on key aspects of effective primary immunodeficiency (PID) patient care, diagnosis challenges, and the rapidly evolving landscape of PIDs.  We explored the latest regional initiatives from both patient representatives and physicians, sparking interesting and fruitful discussions.

This meeting provided a successful platform for valuable knowledge exchange and fortified connections between healthcare professionals, IPOPI members, and other relevant stakeholders, laying the groundwork for fruitful collaborations in the years ahead.

IPOPI would like to thank APSID, SEAPID, JSIAD, and IPOPI’s Japanese member organisation, Tsubasa-no-Kai, for their collaboration and support in organising this meeting.

On March 22, we also held a fruitful strategic meeting with Tsubasa-no-Kai members, medical advisors, and stakeholders, addressing our organisation’s specific challenges. Collaborative discussions yielded valuable insights and experiences.

Authorised presentations and selected pictures are available here, and the meeting report shall be released soon.

Together, let’s continue working towards improving the lives of PID patients and shaping a brighter future for healthcare in the Asian region.

This meeting was made possible thanks to the support from Takeda, Pharming, Grifols, and Chiesi.