October 9, 2023

The First Congress of Artificial Intelligence and Primary Immunodeficiencies

IPOPI joined experts in the field at the First Congress of Artificial Intelligence and Primary Immunodeficiencies, organised by the Vall d’Hebron Hospital and the University of California (UCLA) at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Spain) on June 20-21, 2023.

The meeting aimed at gathering all the actors involved in the field of computational tools for the diagnosis of PIDs and the clinical knowledge of PIDs, exchanging knowledge and reflecting on how artificial intelligence could help develop some tools that would facilitate early diagnosis and help improve patients’ quality of life.

The congress’ first day was dedicated to presentations from renowned experts, such as Dr Pere Soler, from University of Vall d’Hebron (Spain); Dr Jacques Rivière, University of Vall d’Hebron (Spain); Prof Jordan Orange, from Columbia University (US); Prof Siobhan Burns, University College London (UK); Prof Antonio Condino Neto, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), among many others. The second day was dedicated to dynamic sessions aimed at finding innovative solutions, based on artificial intelligence, on how to improve the diagnosis of people with PIDs.

IPOPI was very pleased to be a supporting organisation with active participation in this inspiring and forward-thinking event. IPOPI is closely following these developments and very recently discussed these aspects as well during the IPOPI Global Summit. We are committed to continue to work on AI and its implications for the PID field and look forward to a continued dialogue with our stakeholders on this topic.