December 17, 2020

Argentina – Webinar series

During the months of September, October and November, the Argentine National patient association for primary immunodeficiency (AAPIDP) continued to work with the local PID community through a series of educational webinars.

I have a PID and had COVID-19: I’ll tell you my experience alongside the professionals”. This webinar took place on September 11 and was carried out by medical professionals alongside PID patients who shared their personal experiences going through COVID-19 infection.
The webinar “PIDs in adults” was held on October 23, with the participation of three medical specialists and was well received by the community.
Finally, on November 4-5, AAPIDP took part in the “Rare Talks” initiative organised by the Argentine Rare Disease Federation (FADEPOF). Mrs Roberta Anido de Pena, President of AAPIDP and of FADEPOF, gave the opening speech to this two-day online encounter of professionals of all health-related areas and the general public, designed to discuss the problematics of health care in Argentina with a particular emphasis on social and sanitary policy for rare disease patients.