March 25, 2021

Argentina – Rare diseases awareness by placing your flags

During February 2021, the Argentinian Association to Aid Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency (AAPIDP) took part in a virtual campaign to raise awareness about rare diseases and commemorate the Rare Disease Day, by spreading information through social media networks and on association’s website.
The campaign was an initiative of the Argentinian Federation of Rare Diseases (FADEPOF) and was designed to involve the whole rare diseases community by inviting people to post pictures of themselves on their social media displaying a striped flag with the hashtag #plantabandera (PlaceYourFlag). It was the continuation of last year’s Rare Disease Day campaign #showyourstripes, turning the stripes into a flag and bringing the community together under the common cause of raising awareness on rare diseases, with the purpose of leaving no one behind.
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