December 19, 2017

Argentina – Psychological support for PID patients and families

The Argentinian Association for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency (AAPIDP) started organising free periodic group therapeutic meetings for adult PID patients and their families in August, 2017. The meetings are led by professional psychologists and aim to promote the exchange of experiences with peers. Together, they work on overcoming fears and strengthening family bonds. Participants can ask questions and clear doubts, including about matters related to the patients’ association.

Since the beginning of the workshops, AAPIDP has organised three meetings. The first two were held in the city of Buenos Aires, one dedicated to adult family members and another to patients. A third meeting for both patients and family members was held in the city of Cordoba.
The project has been very well received by the PID community and AAPIDP is looking forward to extending the meetings to patients from other cities that have expressed the need for psychological support.

This is an exciting project that AAPIDP hopes to continue in 2018, improving the quality of life for PID patients and their families in Argentina.