December 21, 2016

Argentina – Nursing and Regional Patients Meeting in Mar del Plata

AAPIDP organised a “Training workshop on infusion of intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin” for nurses and a Regional Patients Meeting on October 19 in Instituto Superior de Salud San Marcos”, in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Nurses Liliana Del Valle Rodriguez and Nora Marin from Garrahan Pediatrician Hospital were in charge of the nurses training session on immunoglobulin infusions.
Lucio Altamirano from “Hospital Interzonal Especializado Materno Infantil (HIEMI) Victorio Tetamanti” in Mar del Plata followed with a lecture on “Nursing Techniques in Catheter Care”.
Roberta Pena, Chair of the Argentine Patient Association of PIDs and Estela Todisco, the coordinator closed the meeting and thanked all attendees for their participation.

Thirty five nurses from several hospitals attended this meeting which was kindly sponsored by the Argentine Society of Pediatricians.

The Regional Patients Meeting took place in the afternoon with participation of 53 patients and their families. The nurses offered training to the patients and their families on intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin infusion techniques.
Three medical lectures followed, the first by Dr Gisela Dolabella on “Doubts and suggestions in oral hygiene management, Dr Santiago Quintas spoke about “Respiratory care” and Dr María Rossi gave advice on best nutritional practices.

Afterwards participants had the opportunity to share their views and experience in “How to deal with medication: home or hospital”.

Both events were organised with the sponsorship of Baxter Argentina; CSL Behring and Hemoderivados UNC.