June 28, 2021

Argentina – #MiDerechoEs (#MyRightIs)

During the month of April 2021, on the occasion of the International Week of Primary Immunodeficiencies, theArgentine Association for the Aid of the Patient with Primary Immunodeficiency (AAPIDP) carried out a campaign with the purpose of making the rights of PID patients visible, under the hashtag #MiDerechoEs (#MyRightIs). At the same time, a media campaignfor PIDs, promoting early diagnosis, identifying warning signs, showing their incidence, among other information, took place in social media. The awareness campaign was also covered by graphic media and radio programmes.

Finally, the First Virtual Congress for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies was held on April the 23rd and 24th, with the participation of important professionals and a large number of attendees from all over the country. Some of the topics that were part of the meeting were: Living with PID in Pandemic, Covid-19 Vaccines and Immunodeficiencies, Emotions in PIDs, Nutrition in PIDs, among others. Thanks to the repercussion of the Congress, 50 new patients joined the Association.

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