December 18, 2018

Argentina – Immunology meeting followed by patients’ meeting

The 1st International Conference on Immunology in Tucumán, was held at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel from October 31 to November 1 under the theme “From Infectious Diseases to Primary Immunodeficiencies”. This first meeting was jointly organised by the working group of Immunology, by the Pediatric Society of Tucumán, by the Jesus Pediatrician Hospital and had the invaluable collaboration of Dr Natalia Tahuil and Dr Jacinta Bustamante. The main objective was to train health professionals in infections associated with primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) as a first warning sign. The conference featured lectures from important national and international professionals specialised in PIDs and had over 200 participants in attendance, among paediatricians, clinicians, specialists, biochemists and health team in general.

The Minister of Health of Tucumán was in attendance and announced that Dr Jacinta Bustamante (Argentina) was being appointed as “Illustrious Citizen” for her long research career in France, and that Dr Jean Laurent Casanova (France) was being appointed as “Illustrious Visitor” for his scientific work in France and in the US.

On the following day the “4th Regional Meeting of Patients” was attended by over 100 people and dedicated to “Personal care, strategies, legal aspects and frequently asked questions”.
Dr Natalia Tahuil opened the meeting and Mrs Roberta Anido de Pena, president of AAPIDP, spoke about the work of the Association and the “Right to Health”, providing tools and tips for better access to medication, early diagnosis and steps to obtain the disability certificate and the transplant certificate, among others.

Psychologist Pamela Cohen,  spoke about “Accompanying patients and strengthening self-care as family members and caregivers”. The audience was invited to work in groups and analyse the difficulties faced daily by patients and families.

Dr Jacinta Bustamante and Dr Jean Laurent Casanova met the patients and their families and provided input on the conditions of some patients.

AAPIDP appreciates the collaboration of CSL Behring and Grifols in this meeting.