October 4, 2021

Argentina – AAPIDP’ webinars and therapy groups for patients and families

In the last five months, the Argentine Association for the Aid of the Patient with Primary Immunodeficiency (AAPIDP) has carried on working towards raising awareness and divulging information on PIDs in our community. In May, AAPIDP issued a report on nutritional recommendations for PID patients, written by Lic Paola Ramos. 

From May to September, AAPIDP organised a series of webinars addressing relevant topics for PID patients and their families. The webinars’ topics were: 

DiGeorge syndrome, by Dr M. Natalia Tahuil, Dr M. Luz Teiber and Dr Claudia M. Merhar 

Pregnancy and family planning, by Dr Leila Ferreyra and Dr Matías Oleastro 

Autoimmunity in PIDs, by Dr Claudia Merhar and Dr Gustavo Vijoditz 

All the webinars can be viewed in AAPIDP’s facebook page.

AAPIDP has been organising monthly group therapeutic workshops for patients and families, coordinated by Psychologist Lic. Florencia Ugo since June.

Lastly, on August 28, AAPIDP put together a celebration for Childhood Day, inviting patients and families to participate in an online activity with Pandereta the Clown. 

To learn more about AAPIDP, visit our Facebook page and our website.