December 18, 2015

Portugal – APDIP attends national congress on immunology

Ricardo Pereira, president of APDIP, the Portuguese PID patient association, attended the 36th Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (SPAIC), held on the weekend 9-11 October at Vila Gale Congress Centre in Coimbra.

In the year of celebration of 65 years of SPAIC, the annual meeting was held under the theme “Immunotherapy and Immunomodulation in Clinical Practice”. It included conferences, roundtables, symposia, theoretical and practical workshops and presentation sessions of scientific works. The latter were presented orally and also through e-posters allowing for digital discussion.

Among the scientific works presented one by Dr Emilia Faria, Graduate Hospital Assistant of Immunoalergology at the Hospital and University Centre of Coimbra, stood out: “How to rule out Primary Immunodeficiency”.

SPAIC was founded on July 10 1950 and is currently the largest national scientific association of medical specialists, especially immunoalergologists, researchers and technicians dedicated to the study of allergy, asthma and clinical immunology.