JUN 30, 2105

AEDIP organises medical, educational and family activities for WPIW

The Spanish PID group, AEDIP, organised a series of productive activities to mark World PI Week in Spain. A medical congress was organised in Zaragoza on 22nd April 2015 with the participation of more than 40 delegates from the region of Aragon and La Rioja (neighboring region). The main aim of this AEDIP congress was to increase awareness and diagnosis of PIDs in the region. The congress was also the perfect opportunity to officially inaugurate the opening of a pediatric reference centre for PIDs and announce the upcoming launch of a second centre for adults in the region. Zaragoza, has been the latest city to open two reference centres for PIDs, one for adults and one for children.

In line with the medical symposium, AEDIP also launched during WPIW the first edition in Spanish of 2,000 copies of the following IPOPI booklets on: “Diagnosis of PIDs”, “X-linked Agammaglobulinemia”, “Guide for the patients and the families”, “Severe Combined Immunodeficiencies”. An electronic version of the booklets is available here.

Family activities were also on the menu with a race of 5km and another of 10km organised in collaboration with the Hospital Clínico de Madrid. AEDIP further collaborated with the Spanish Society of Immunology in the production of a children’s theatre play called “The Antibodies” which targeted the youngest family members.