December 15, 2023

AAPIDP’s Annual Meeting ‘Spring in Family’ and IPOPI Latin American PID Patients’ Meeting

In September, AAPIDP held the Annual Meeting of Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies, “Spring in Family” at the Savoy Hotel in Buenos Aires in which more than 120 people participated. It was very nice, after the pandemic, to have this meeting and to be able to hug each other, share experiences and meet new families. Furthermore, we always have the possibility of approaching professionals and asking them about our doubts and concerns and, above all, obtaining reliable information about our pathologies.

This year we established a recognition for “History of Overcoming”, and it was given to an adult patient who underwent two types of transplants and who today is enjoying a good quality of life, has been able to graduate and works in what he likes.

Dr. Leila Ferreyra Mufarregue and Dr. Miguel Galicchio spoke on “Transition from pediatric to adult care”, and then an “Open question and answer panel” was held on different topics led by Dr. Daniela Di Giovanni, Dr. Claudia Merhar, Dr. Leila Ferreyra Mufarregue, Dr. Gustavo Vijoditz and Dr. Miguel Galicchio.

We also carried out a Workshop on “Playing and Thinking about bonds”, led by Lic. Florencia Ugo and Lic. Federico Villar.

The little ones were taken care of by AAPIDP volunteers, participating in an art, magic, and children’s animation workshop. The teenagers were also able to entertain themselves with interactive and playful games.

We shared lunch and a coffee break, and, at the end, we enjoyed a percussion show that allowed us to dance and spend a very pleasant moment together.

In October we were able to participate in the IPOPI Latin American PID Patients´ Meeting in Mexico City.

We thank IPOPI for this opportunity to train us, provide us with useful tools to strengthen our work and capabilities and, at the same time, continue to strengthen ties and experiences with our colleagues from Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay.