June 17, 2024

Empowering Voices: Workshops and Awareness for Primary Immunodeficiency

In March, the therapeutic workshops began, the first of them under the title “My strengths in treatment.In April we continued with another workshop, What do we do with what they will say.” and, during the month of May, the third workshop of 2024 was held, called “Stories of experiences: How do I set limits?”.

In order to celebrate World Primary Immunodeficiency Week, from April 22 to 29, an awareness campaign was carried out under the title “Let’s raise our voice for equitable access to medical care for patients with primary immunodeficiencies throughout the world.” where patients were able to tell their experiences with Primary Immunodeficiencies, and how these affect their health, education, work and social life.

An initiative so that, together, the Association and Patients, can create awareness and promote understanding about primary immunodeficiencies. Explore more here 

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