March 20, 2024

AAPIDP Launches InmunoMinuto: Your Quick Guide to Primary Immunodeficiencies

In December 2023, InmunoMinuto, a tool designed to get quick advice from immunology experts, easy-to-understand information in just 60 seconds, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about primary immunodeficiencies, was launched.

It includes a total of 12 capsules, in video format (reels), whose objective is to provide clear and concise information to patients and their families. See the links below:

The New Website was launched to provide easier and friendlier access for patients and families with PID

This site has all the basic information on primary immunodeficiencies, with a list of reference centres, a section on Patients’ Rights, as well as different sections of interest, such as Events, News, Videos, and the possibility of direct contact through WhatsApp, email, or by phone.