October 9, 2023

Argentina – AAPIDP’s Role in Plasma Donation Promotion

On September 5, 2023, we were invited by the Xul Solar School to inform the 4th  year students about our institution, Primary Immunodeficiencies, and the importance of blood donation and plasma for the production of blood-derived medications, which are essential for the majority of patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies as the only available therapy.

On September 12, our chair Roberta Anido, representing IPOPI, participated as a speaker in the Management Course in Transfusion Medicine, organised by the Transfusion Medicine Direction of the National Ministry of Health. She shared the panel with Dr Luis Larrea González, President of the Spanish Blood Transfusion Society and Dr Paul Strengers, Past President of the International Plasma and Fractionation Association. The topics treated were “Self-sufficiency in Blood-derived Medications in Argentina” and “Community perspective on the availability of Blood-derived Medications”.

On September 14, in Buenos Aires, the XIX Argentine Congress of Transfusion Medicine was held, in which Mrs Roberta Anido together with Dr Carlos Safadi Márquez of the Hemophilia Foundation, presented the work that is being developed as part of the “Blood Plasma Initiative Group”, coordinated by the United Nations Institute for Training & Research (UNITAR). 

From AAPIDP we would like to thank IPOPI for giving us the opportunity to be part of the UNITAR pilot programme, which aims to identify problems, challenges and opportunities related to the supply of plasma and plasma-derived therapies in Argentina.