October 4, 2021

4ID app: the new health agenda for patients with immunodeficiencies  

IPOPI is launching a new app for patients with immunodeficiencies, offering a simple way to keep track of their conditions. Log symptoms, update prescriptions, follow treatments and view daily health summaries – key features easily accessible in 4ID.

Many people with immunodeficiency need lifelong treatments and support from a variety of specialists and IPOPI has developed 4ID to support them in following their conditions and allow them to access their health record at any time.

4ID is available on all devices, no download needed.

Start using 4ID by:

  • Vising the website https://4id.ipopi.org/
  • Scanning the QR code with your smartphone/tablet
  • Bookmark it on your computer and add it to the home screen on your smartphone.

Help us improve 4ID

IPOPI wants to continue developing this application with help from our patient representative community. Is there anything you are missing in the app? Or is something not working?

Contact us at 4ID@ipopi.org

This application has been made possible thanks to the support of