October 24, 2016

Poland – Yes For Immunity! – awareness campaign

Awareness campaign ‘Yes for Immunity!’ is the first initiative of this kind in Poland. Its goal is to increase social awareness of primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) and of the importance of early diagnosis. Polish general public will become more aware that these conditions can affect themselves, their children, friends or relatives.

The main element of this campaign is the exhibition of posters on the 10 warning signs , Immunoprotect recent achievements and useful information on PIDs. The exhibition is organised in some of the biggest Polish shopping malls, spread across 10 cities.

Shopping malls, being highly visited places can reach many people. This type of educational exhibitions is designed to attract the attention of shopping centers visitors of all ages. Immunoprotect has a media campaign planned as a follow up to the shopping mall campaign.

For more information: www.immunoprotect.pl